When ‘Happily Ever After’ is Not Enough

For many who have fallen in love with North and South, the story ends all too abruptly. Elizabeth Gaskell gives us only a few pages of John and Margaret’s happiness. 

A Heart for Milton portrays the intensity and bliss of those first days and weeks of new love. After all the loneliness and struggle they have endured in the past, John and Margaret find joy in forging a life together. Beginning from the scene where Margaret is about to leave Milton, the novel begins an original sequence of events that brings the star-crossed lovers together sooner and continues through the first year of their lives as a married couple.

One Turn of Events changes everything

What if the harrowing drama of the riot in North and South had ended differently? In Consequence explores how a twist of fate alters the entire chain of events, weaving a new story of developing love.

Margaret is forced to see the Master of Marlborough Mills in a new light. And with the growing hope of winning Margaret's trust, Mr. Thornton struggles to restrain the passion within that threatens to overwhelm him.

This variation imagines how Margaret and John would have faced certain trials together.