Painting by Fernand Toussaint

            Painting by Fernand Toussaint

There are a few other sites I love that have great discussions on North and South:  -- Another blog focused largely on North and South.  -- There's a lengthy archive of discussions of the film and book here. -- There's a North and South group here with a focus on Gaskell's works.



Group Read Discussions

I've helped moderate several Internet group reads of Gaskell's books. You're always welcome to add your insights and comments!

North and South (2011)

Mary Barton (2012)

North and South (2014)

Wives and Daughters (2015)

Ruth (2015)


North and South Fan fiction

The world of North and South fan fiction started, for me, with the wonderful collection of stories available at

I've written a post about some of my favorite stories at The Armitage Authors Forum here


Guest Blog Posts

Here are some of the guest posts I've been honored to write at other sites:

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